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    1. Im with you on that one Chris Let em scream:}but like you said no one does planformitg quite like nintedo and everone likes to play these type of games from time to time’and not just these type of games many other types aswell like fps/rpg/YOU GET MY POINT;}as im sure the wii u will do them type of games verry well also,I think its gonna be powerful enought for nintendo to do what they need to do and thats show us gamers that we need to play there games.VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 3 votes)

    2. That’s good info, I don’t remember that, but I polrabby blocked it from my memory when I read Watchmen back in high school. I started re-reading it before the movie, but perhaps I didn’t get that far.

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